Thursday, November 6, 2014

Unicode Emoji

I gave a keynote on Unicode Emoji at the Unicode Conference this week, and am posting links here to the slides and videos.

What got the most attention was the diversity characters:

The slides* for the keynote are at 
*If you view it, you'll need to use the gear icon to get the speaker notes, telegraphic as they are; you can also get full screen.

The document describing the details is at

The videos of the keynote were created live* using Hangouts On Air, and split into 4 pieces for uploading.
* This has only some minor deletions, and thus still has a few verbal missteps: for example, the name of the committee the Unicode Consortium created to look at emoji was the Symbols subcommittee, not the Scripts subcommittee.

Part 1: Past


(I had to cut out a piece from the video [at 3:36], but you see it by going directly to—you just won't get the audience’s laughter).


By complete coincidence, the Android Lollipop release started rolling out to Nexus phones and tablets at about the same time. It changes the emoji for people to a generic (yellow-orange) presentation. It also supports all the flags, not just the 10 original flags from the Japanese carriers.

So Canadians can finally see:

(although sadly, these are not in the stock keyboard yet...)

And finally, here's a picture that Kirill took of me while giving the talk: